Oh, Hi.

We are The Noumenon, here by way of unknown forces and continuously compelled to pursue the mysteries of creation.



(EP) Self Released December 11, 2011



(EP) Self Released July 15, 2016



Upcoming Manifestations
Past Manifestations
November 29, 2014 Edmonton, AB Brixx w/ Sleeping in Traffic
October 20, 2014 Edmonton, AB Bohemia w/ Villains / Take the Earth Beneath Us / The Universe Machine
September 15, 2014 Edmonton, AB Rendezvous Pub w/ Third Ion / The Universe Machine
August 9, 2013 Edmonton, AB The Studio w/ Desecrate the Gods / Aether / Landfish
June 8, 2013 Edmonton, AB The Pawn Shop w/ Intronaut / Scale the Summit / Mouth of the Architect
December 15, 2012 St. Albert, AB St. Albert Community Hall w/ Thoroughbred Racing Pigeon / Netherward / Thrillhouse
July 1, 2012 Gibbons, AB Boonstock Music Festival w/ Billy Talent / Buckcherry / G.O.B. / Avicii / Many others..
June 13, 2012 Edmonton, AB The Studio w/ Quietus / Immunize
June 9, 2012 Calgary, AB New Black w/ Exit Strategy / Akakor / Throne of Vengeance / Many others..
May 20, 2012 Edmonton, AB The Pawn Shop w/ Exit Strategy / The Lucifer Project
May 19, 2012 St. Albert, AB St. Albert Community Hall w/ Exit Strategy / The Lucifer Project / Eyes of Reverence
April 5, 2012 Calgary, AB Verns w/ Savage Streets / Epi-Demic / Crystal Mess
February 22, 2012 Edmonton, AB The Pawn Shop w/ Into Eternity / Raw Deal
February 4, 2012 Red Deer, AB The Vat w/ The Order of Chaos / Psychomantium
January 27, 2012 Red Deer, AB The Vat w/ Exit Strategy / Phantom Limb / This is War
January 13, 2012 Edmonton, AB The Pawn Shop w/ No Heat Tomorrow / Kriticos / Kyoktys
August 8, 2011 Grande Prairie, AB Better Than Fred's w/ Scythia / Shadowblade
July 18, 2011 Lloydminster, AB Phunkin Gruuve w/ We Wore Colors To Your Funeral
June 30, 2011 Calgary, AB Lord Nelson's w/ Subatomic Chaos / Ominosity / Moradin / Gummers
June 11, 2011 Edmonton, AB Starlite Room w/ Samandriel / Hrom
May 14, 2011 Edmonton, AB The Pawn Shop w/ Into Eternity / Quietus
March 17, 2011 Edmonton, AB The Pawn Shop w/ Miskatonic / Kriticos / Sonorous Odium
February 18, 2011 Edmonton, AB The Mead Hall w/ We, The Undersigned
December 18, 2010 Edmonton, AB The Mead Hall w/ Truck / Oooze


Andreas Winkelmann

6 String Bass / Vocals

Ben Harbak

6 String Guitar / Vocals

Blair Butcher

7 String Guitar

Devon Wolfe


Kyle Cusiac

Vocals / Keys


Metal Wani

"Out of the hordes of technical death metal bands, the music of Canadian quintet The Noumenon instantly seized my attention. Not often does one come across a band that manages to combine good progression and smooth melodies with technical death metal, and yet have a charismatic and dynamic approach to their music. And this is exactly what The Noumenon manages to encapsulate with their debut EP 'Apocrypha' [...] I’d strongly recommend this EP for people who like death metal out of the ordinary."

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Unholy Maunder

"The Noumenon is something of a wallflower amongst contemporary death metal acts [...] Their sound is crisp, innovative and versatile, often exploring and pushing the boundaries of what can be called technical death metal. [...] The EP is a creative marvel. And I highly recommend this band to anyone who appreciates change, innovation and creativity. The Noumenon is a force to reckon with. And I’ve rarely seen debut releases this promising."

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The Metal Archives

"Now here's something I don't come across often; meet The Noumenon, a modern, infant, progressive death metal act that is alarmingly impressive in a multitude of their particulars. Not only do they offer up a unique approach to progressive death metal, but they present occult related themes without the need to draw from religions [...] When looked at as a whole this EP can be seen as a work of art, and I really appreciate the effort these guys put into it to create something genuinely innovative and new."

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Metal Storm

"When you combine some types of more extreme metal like death metal and something more progressive and melodic like this band does, it is important to have a good dynamic. The Noumenon pass that test with distinction. Their EP Apocrypha gives us technical and sophisticated metal with deep moments of clarity. The band shows that they have enough sensibility to write melodies which leave a deep-rooted mark, and are also capable of constantly adding new dimensions to their music, variety and a finesse which entangles you. This is hard-hitting metal with feeling done the right way."

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We Love Metal

"[...] Listening to Apocrypha I feel like I’ve fallen for the old bait and switch routine, but in a good way. What started as fairly standard (though powerfully energetic) material suddenly gave way to a series of diamonds — music which was not only well executed, but also interesting. Not just well written, but experimental. My only complaint is that Apocrypha is too short and I want to have The Noumenon back for an encore."

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